Coffee Tips: Single Origins VS. Blends

Coffee tasting

【Single Origins VS. Blends】

The term “single-origin coffee” might sound self-explanatory, but the rules of what exactly defines a “single origin” are hazy and widely debated. Depending on who you’re talking to, it might mean a single farm, a collection of farms in one region or a whole range of other possibilities. Whatever the case, the idea is that it’s “pure” in that, depending on how it’s been handles, it represents the true terroir of the region from which it’s come.

Often beans from several origins are blended, the idea being to combine the characteristics of various coffees to create a well-balanced and complex blending of flavours and body. Specialty coffee roasters often blend with a particular brew method in mind to create the ideal final cup flavour. If you’re just starting to become interested in specialty coffee, trying out a few different single origins can be a good way to develop your palate – you may be surprised at the range if flavours you begin to notice.

【單品咖啡 VS. 拼配咖啡】

所謂 「單品咖啡」,意指咖啡在沖煮過程中,只用上同一個產區的咖啡豆,產區獨特的風味固此特別突出。至於「拼配咖啡」,即是來自不同產地和風味所混合並加以烘焙的綜合咖啡豆。對於咖啡新手來說,「單品咖啡」未嘗為一個挑戰,烘焙過程中顯示了獨有的咖啡風味及偏好,更考烘焙師如何調整修飾咖啡味道的功架。

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