[Newsletter] Bean Alliance wins 18 awards at the annual Golden Bean competition

Congratulations! Bean Alliance Group had won 18 awards at the annual roaster competition - Golden Bean! The Golden Bean Awards are the worlds’ largest coffee roaster competition, honoring the skill and expertise of roasting. This uniquely Australian competition, in recent years, is also staged in North America.

恭喜!Bean Alliance Group 在年度Golden Bean 咖啡烘焙大賽中獲取了18個獎項! Golden Bean Award是世界上最大的咖啡烘焙大賽,旨在表彰烘焙技術和專業知識。這種澳大利亞獨有的比賽,近年來也在北美舉辦。


Of particular note is the acknowledgement of three main Bean Alliance brands:

  • Gravity Espresso, Established 1996 , the original hipster coffee.
  • bean ground & drunk, Australia’s leading ethical, organic, Fairtrade coffee.
  • Monte Coffee, roasted inspired by the traditional Italian bar, 40 years, est. 1981.

Ange Augello, CEO of Bean Alliance Group said: “Off the back of extended closures, particularly in Melbourne, these wins provide a glimpse of optimism as we end the year and turn our minds to a new one.”


特別值得注意的是對三個主要 Bean Alliance 品牌的認可:
  • Bean ground &drunk, 澳大利亞領的有機、公平貿易咖啡。
  • Monte Coffee,受傳統意大利酒吧啟發而烘焙,成立於 1981 年。
  • Gravity Espresso,成立於 1996 年,推行原始的时尚咖啡

Bean Alliance Group 首席執行官 Ange Augello 說:“在延長封鎖的情況下,尤其是在墨爾本,這些勝利讓我們看到了樂觀情緒,因為我們將在今年結束並轉向新的目標。”