Slayer Espresso - Single Group
Back view of Slayer Single Group Espresso Machine
Slayer Espresso

Slayer Espresso - Single Group

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The ultimate Slayer experience, unparalleled in performance and consistency. Independent brew groups, massive steam capacity, and an exclusive pre-heat tank – all digitally controlled – combine to create the most powerful espresso machine on the market. Temperatures are configured and maintained with dedicated gadgetry, offering versatility in extraction and stability in steam production. Slayer delivers on the promise of unlimited steam.

Slayer Espresso 讓你感受最終極的Slayer萃取體驗,無與倫比的性能和一致性。 獨立沖煮頭、強效蒸氣輸出以及獨製預熱水缸,均以電子控制,使其成為市場上最強的濃縮意式咖啡機。配有用於恆溫的專業裝置,通用於穩定咖啡萃取及蒸氣輸出。Slayer 的蒸氣表現絕對能滿足高要求的你。

Experience a new paradigm for espresso preparation as well, with the flavor profiling capabilities of Slayer Espresso. Each grouphead can be calibrated to distinct temperatures and flow rates in order to optimize extraction for all coffees. Patented technology introduces a pre-brew wetting stage and unique brewing profiles, advancing all possibilities for amazing espresso.

Slayer Espresso 的每個沖煮頭都可按個人萃取喜好獨立預設,可將你理想的水量及所需萃取流速存檔,讓你更方便沖泡不同咖啡調配或不同類型的咖啡飲品。品牌引入的預浸功能及咖啡萃取預設功能都獲得技術專利,讓你的每杯意式特濃咖啡風味更加完美。

  • Manual espresso extraction 手動意式咖啡萃取
  • Pre-brew wetting stage 咖啡預泡
  • Flavor profiling with 3-position actuator 3個精準預設萃取模式
  • Patented flow rate control 專利流速控制
  • Electronic group valves 電子沖煮頭閥門
  • Independent brew tanks 獨立萃取水缸
  • Unlimited steam 無限蒸氣輸出
  • Pre-heat tank 預熱水缸
  • Digital temperature control電子溫度控制
  • European Ash wood handles and actuators 歐洲白蠟木手柄
  • Blended hot water valve 熱水混合閥門
  • Modular pre-brew timers 標準預泡計時器
  • Versatile power supply 可選合適電源插頭
  • Shot mirror 咖啡萃取鏡
  • Made in Seattle, USA 美國西雅圖製造
  • Certified ETL Sanitation* (conforms to NSF/ANSI Standard 4)
    獲ETL Sanitation* 認證 (相等於NSF/ANSI Standard 4)


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