BonNitro - Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser

BonNitro - Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser

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BonNitro cold brew coffee marker creates a sweet and refreshing taste of your coffee by infusing nitrogen gas (N2/N2O). Allowing you to enjoy cold coffee with a thick and foamy texture like beer. 

BonNitro氮氣冷萃咖啡機讓你在家中也能做出美味的氮氣飲品。將氮氣 (N2/N2O) 注入冷萃咖啡,使其味道生成天然的甜味及清爽感覺,氮氣同時讓咖啡口感變得綿密細滑,像啤酒一般帶有一層厚厚的泡沫。

Both Mini Keg and coffee spear were manufactured by food grade stainless steel 304, durable and safe.  The coffee will remain fresh for a week by storing it in the fridge. It can withstand max. 120psi pressure, with a built-in safety valve to prevent gas overload.

飲料桶及龍頭都以食品級的304不鏽鋼製造,安全耐用。儲存於冰箱的氮氣咖啡可保鮮一星期。咖啡桶能承受120psi 氣壓,並設置安全氣閥,當氣體過多時會自動排出,確保安全。

It’s time to brew your ice drinks at home! It could be applied to other beverages like tea, coffee and juice.



Nitro Matcha Latte photo Nitro Cold Brew Raspberry & Peach Tea photo


BonNitro Kit Includes 套裝包:

  • 64oz Mini Keg with cap 2L迷你飲料桶連桶蓋
    (SKU#: 11001 or 11002)
  • Nitro cold brew coffee spear 氮氣咖啡矛
    (SKU#: 24001)
  • Stainless steel nitro tap with Stout Spout 不鏽鋼龍頭及把手
    (SKU#: 52002)
  • Shell氮氣夾
  • Silicone coffee hose矽膠喉管

Included a box of itis N2O Chargers (10pcs)
產品包含itis N2O氮氣小鋼瓶1盒 (10支)

itis N2O Chargers photo

Instructions 使用說:

  1. Do Not Over Fill Cold Coffee into Keg: For 2L keg: Max 1.5L cold coffee.
    請勿過度注滿飲料桶 : 2升飲料桶最多可注入5升飲料,必需預留空間讓氮氣注入
  2. Put the nitrogen cartridge into the shell and rotate it, you will hear ‘whistle’ sound. Rotate it until the sound stops.
  3. One 8 gram cartridge can tap 1.5L coffee.
    1桶5L的飲料只需注入1粒8g 氮氣彈,注入後上下搖晃5下,使氮氣跟飲料全完融合。(建議融合後放入冰箱一個小時再飲用,效果更佳。)
  4. When finish the last drop of cold brew coffee, turn on the faucet to completely remove the nitrogen gas before unscrewing the spear system.


Clean and Care Instructions 清洗及保養說:

  1. Flush the keg with hot water and repeat 3 times.
  2. Rinse the hose with hot water.
  3. Fill in hot water and 1 tablespoon baking soda into the keg. Shake well and leave it for 10 minutes.
  4. Connect and turn on the faucet to clean the whole tapping system. 
  5. Use the cleaning brush to clean the coffee keg and flush with water.