itis N2O Cream Charger

itis N2O Cream Charger

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Boncafé - itis N2O Cream Charger

Boncafé - itis N2O氣彈
Packing Spec 10pcs x 8g

包裝規格 10枝 x 8克

The N2O nitrogen charger/whipped cream charger can be used for making nitro beverages with BonNitro Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser. It is also applicable for whipped cream dispenser.




1. Please read the instruction before use. An explosion could occur from excess pressure if you use more than stated.

2. Do not sell to anyone under age 18.

3. Do not use for any other purposes and inhale. Misuse can be physically harmful and dangerous to your health.

4. Any attempt to pierce the sealing cap of these chargers without the correct equipment could result in explosion injury & serious freeze burns.

5. Store in cool and dry place (temp. not to exceed 50ºC or 122ºF) and keep out of sun or heat. Do not incinerate or expose chargers to the sun or any heat source as it may cause explosion.

6. Never dispose of full chargers. Only dispose of empty chargers and packaging.

7. Keep out of reach of children. Do not damage chargers.

8. Chargers are made of high-grade steel and recyclable.

9. Pressurized gas cartridges must not go on an airplane at all. No excuse, you may be prosecuted.


注意 :

1. 請參閱使用說明及依指示使用,過量使用氮氣小鋼瓶將會導致壓力過大而發生爆炸。

2,. 嚴禁銷售給未成年人士。

3. 嚴禁轉為其他用途使用,不可吸食,不當使用可能會危害健康。

4. 在沒有使用正確的工具時,任何企圖剌穿小鋼瓶的行為將會導致爆炸受傷及嚴重凍傷。

5. 請於室溫及乾爽處儲存,保存溫度請勿超過50ºC或122ºF,嚴禁直接日光曝曬及靠近熱源,並遠離兒童。

6. 嚴禁拋棄或敲擊未使用過的小鋼瓶。

7. 丟棄時請再次確認小鋼瓶已使用過以及包裝盒內已經清空。

8. 本產品採用拋棄式金屬材質,請利用環保資源回收。

9. 嚴禁攜帶小鋼瓶上飛機,否則即屬違法。