SV826 Home Use Capsule Coffee Machine
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SV826 Home Use Capsule Coffee Machine

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SV826 Home Use Capsule Coffee Machine

SV826 家用膠囊咖啡機

Home Use Capsule Machine | Elegant Appearance | Compact Design | Easy Operation

家用膠囊咖啡機 | 外觀精緻 | 造型小巧 | 簡單易操作

Perfectly Suitable for Every Household and Office Needs!



Without Grinding Beans | Just A Simple Press | Less Than A Minute

不需磨豆 | 只需輕輕一按 | 不用1分鐘

Enjoy a Fresh Cup of High-Quality Coffee Instantly!



Practical Design | Simply Pour with Ease | Say Goodbye to Cleaning Nightmare

便利設計 | 只需輕輕一倒 | 擺脫清潔煩惱

Professional Coffee Capsule Collection Box Remove the Stagnant Water!


Key Features


- High Pressure Extraction System

- 高壓萃取系統

- Optional Coffee Flow 

- 可選咖啡流量

- Smart standby Mode

- 智能待機模式




Size: (Width) 107mm x (Length) 359mm x (Height) 242mm

尺寸: (闊) 107毫米 x (長) 359毫米 x (高) 242毫米

Voltage: 220V, 50-60Hz

電壓: 220V, 50-60Hz

Output: 1400W

輸出: 1400W

Water tank capacity: 850ml

水箱容量: 850毫升

Pump pressure: 16-20 bar

泵壓: 16-20巴

Net weight: 2.75kg

淨重: 2.75公斤


*Compatible with Nespresso® Coffee Capsule



1 Year Warranty


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