BONaroma - Farmer’s Choice (200g ground coffee)

BONaroma - Farmer’s Choice (200g ground coffee)

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Loaded with subtly rich flavours of dark chocolate, citrus and black tea notes that can be enjoyed throughout the day, this harmonious blend has a silky body that is smooth and well-rounded that is approachable for all palates.

Farmer’s Choice是一款充滿和諧風味的拼配咖啡,帶有黑朱古力、紅茶及柑橘果香,配上絲滑口感,讓人一試難忘。


Roasting Level 烘焙度 : Full City (Medium Dark) 中深度
Intensity 濃度 : 6 / 10
Country of Origin 產地 : Singapore 新加坡
Net Weight 淨重 : 200g