BONaroma - Cup of Joe  (200g ground coffee)

BONaroma - Cup of Joe (200g ground coffee)

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BONaroma - Cup of Joe

With a hint of dark roast, this blend will delight your senses with its bold and creamy body which strike a beautiful balance with the roasty cacao, caramel sweetness and fruity notes. Perfect for those who prefer a strong cup. 

Cup of Joe咖啡經過中深度烘焙,口感濃厚柔滑,帶有可可及焦糖甜感,伴以微微果酸作點綴,造就完美平衡風味,適合喜歡味道濃郁的咖啡愛好者。

Roasting Level 烘焙度 : Full City (Medium Dark) 中深度
Intensity 濃度 : 8 / 10
Country of Origin 產地 : Singapore 新加坡
Net Weight 淨重 : 200g

Ingredients 成份: Ground Coffee 咖啡粉