Coffee Tips: How to Describe A Cup of Coffee?

Fair Trade - Bean Ground & Drunk

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Fair Trade - Bean Ground & Drunk

Classic Medium Roast Coffee Beans Our coffee is sourced from premium organic growing regions and roasted fresh in the heart of Melbourne. Both the dry and wet aromas are earthy and floral. This medium roast blend has a smooth and rich body, balanced mouth feel with subtle pleasant floral notes and a hint of dried plum at the aftertaste. You’ll also notice licorice and white pepper aromas, followed by a crisp pear flavor and lingering notes of fresh grass and barley. Origin: Peru, Ethiopia Aroma: Jasmine, Blueberry, Pear, Barley   經典中度烘焙咖啡豆 來自土壤肥沃的有機種植區,並在澳洲墨爾本市中心新鮮烘焙,中度烘焙令咖啡芳香濃郁、口感絲滑,味道均衡。味道略帶花香和梅子香。 您亦會品嚐到清新的甘草香和白胡椒香氣,以及連綿不絕的梨香和大麥餘香。豆源: 秘魯、埃塞俄比亞香氣: 茉莉,藍莓,梨,大麥     Espresso Dark Roast...

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