Segafredo Zanetti: Intermezzo Ground Coffee (250g)
Segafredo Zanetti

Segafredo Zanetti: Intermezzo Ground Coffee (250g)

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Segafredo Zanetti: INTERMEZZO 柔和風味咖啡粉

Intermezzo is one of Segafredo’s oldest recipes, our Italian classic range that is sold around Asia. It is one of Segafredo’s best-selling coffees. Intermezzo is an excellent coffee for all occasions with slightly spicy and full bodied flavor. This coffee truly is value for money with its classic aromas and perfect structure. Intermezzo is full of taste and energy, which makes every moment of the day more pleasant, from morning breakfast to a break during which you can enjoy this quality coffee. It is also a perfect coffee for making different kinds of espresso-based drinks.

Intermezzo是Segafredo最古老的配方,也是亞洲地區最暢銷的其中一款咖啡。它的味道濃郁帶有微辛,配合經典的咖啡香氣和完美口感,是物有所值的最佳之選。 Intermezzo的味道豐富且帶有活力,能完美搭配不同種類的咖啡,不論在任何時間都適合品嘗,使你的每一刻都充滿愉悅快感。

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, notes of spice

味道: 朱古力, 微辛

Package Size: 250g

包裝份量: 250克